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Business Continuity Programme



The Business Continuity Programme consists of a review, consultancy and training services that focus on providing support to the end users business continuity planning process. The program can be tailored to give the appropriate level of support, dependent on maturity of the existing business continuity plans and the level of system knowledge available on site.


Target audience

Production System Owners & Business Continuity Planners with an installed base of EmsPT products.



The objective of the program is to provide system owners with practical tools and knowledge in order to recover their system from failure in a managed low risk way.



The starting point of a programme may vary depending on the current state of the user\'s application or the maturity of the business continuity planning process. The complete programme will include the following;


  • Business Criticality review; this identifies the systems that are critical to the customer\'s business and which require a formal disaster recovery procedure. This would include the cost to the business if an application be unavailable and the probability of a failure occurring.


  • Initial Site survey; a technical survey of the systems that have be defined as business critical. The objective being for EmsPT to understand the complete application and identify the individual components that would require inclusion in the recovery procedure. The survey also reviews the skills and equipment that will be available to support the recovery plan. For example, is backup equipment available with resources to ensure execution?


  • Generation of the Business Continuity Plan; from an analysis of the site survey findings, EmsPT will prepare the procedure for recovery including a list of prerequisite items. To ensure that this procedure will work in practice and is useable EmsPT would normally perform an independent \"dry run\" at their offices to test the procedure.


  • Build of the Business continuity Chest; EmsPT would put together all the components required to execute the recovery program such as replacement hardware components, drivers, software media, initial application backups and copy licences. This may require the purchase of replacement items, if necessary EmsPT can purchase these on behalf of the customer.


  • Recovery Training; The Recovery procedure would be demonstrated to the system owners in the form of ‘hands-on training' at the end of which the local user should be able to execute the procedure with minimal support.


  • Recovery review; an annual review and test when EmsPT would support the local user to test the current procedure. This ensures that the plan remains current, new personnel are trained and any system changes have been identified and the recovery plan updated.

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