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At EmsPT we understand the need for your business to reduce costs and we will work with all key stakeholders to identify these opportunities and define the ideal MES Solution for your company.


Why MES?

Today's manufacturers operate in an increasingly demanding environment that includes global competition, increasing pressures for cost reductions and new products, quality-driven compliance and improvements in delivering complete orders on-time.  MES is not a product but an approach which is modified to fit the unique requirements of each plant and business.  Accurate and timely production information is crucial to improving performance and identifying operational changes to improve asset utilisation and reduce costs.  At EmsPT we offer Key Performance Indicators for Manufacturing Performance Management and Measures.


Why OEE? 
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is widely recognised as the benchmark to assess how well equipment is running against an ‘ideal' plant - but how confident can you be in setting the factors that define the ‘ideal' plant? OEE drives Manufacturing Performance and to drive efficiency improvements in your organisation you need to be able to create a focus on continuous improvement.  This focus then has to become part of the culture of the company and be driven from a repeatable Key Performance Indicator.


Take a look at the 5 key area’s below to see how EmsPT can help you

OEE, ERP Integration, Finite Capacity Scheduling, Manufacturing QualityTraceability.




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