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QI Analyst software is Wonderware's comprehensive real-time statistical process control (SPC) client software that is an integral component of Wonderware's MES Software Solutions.  The software provides a broad range of real-time SPC analysis methods, enabling industrial manufacturers to achieve the benefits of real-time SPC and quality analysis.


"QI Analyst software is the quality management element of Wonderware MES Software Solutions and is designed to improve management of operational processes in manufacturing," said Jim Frider, marketing manager for Wonderware's Production and Performance Management Software Solutions.  "By providing the data source connectivity required in today's highly distributed IT environments, QI Analyst software enables companies to gain a competitive advantage in their industry."


With SPC quality management solutions, people can access important process and plant data sources.  QI Analyst software is specifically designed to connect to the widest range of data sources available, enabling systems to be configured to collect data from multiple sources and create an integrated quality database, enhancing system performance.  Version 8.0 can alternately be configured to remotely connect to existing data sources to minimize data redundancy.


QI Analyst software is designed to provide customers with tools that offer the data source connectivity required by today's highly distributed IT environments.  Enhancing the competitive advantage of manufacturers, QI Analyst software delivers a comprehensive library of plant performance statistics that can be displayed for the overall process, a given plant or process area or unit, or for any individual process parameter.  Using these analysis methods contributes to quality consistency, lower production costs and improved production competitiveness.


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