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Wonderware Performance Software (formerly known as Factelligence) provides an enterprise level software solution for collecting, tracking and communicating real-time equipment performance and efficiency information.


The software is highly configurable, fully leveraging the Wonderware System Platform for integration, development and reporting as a result of the underlying ArchestrA technology. This approach reduces deployment and maintenance costs, while also facilitating rapid development and scaling of the application throughout the enterprise.


Wonderware Performance Software helps deliver critical equipment downtime and efficiency information to operators and decision-makers who can take immediate action to improve plant performance and productivity.


Key Benefits


  • Increase plant productivity and efficiency through OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) & reporting

  • Monitor plant performance for greater asset utilisation

  • Proliferate best practices through scalable, repeatable process improvements




  • Equipment downtime tracking
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness monitoring
  • Template-based configuration for rapid development/deployment
  • Customisable .NET based operator displays
  • Web-based reporting using Microsoft Reporting Services technology
  • Highly extensible with broad plant and application connectivity



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