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The Wonderware® Equipment Operations Module is a software module that helps manufacturers improve their operational performance, brand integrity and manufacturing responsiveness. This module provides consistent execution of unit/line operations, improved reliability and repeatability of equipment setup. It also captures complete \"as-built\" records for rapid response to unforeseen production events such as product recalls leveraging the ISA-95 standard.


In addition, Wonderware\'s Equipment Operations Module enables more effective and consistent execution of each production work order assigned to a production asset or piece of equipment. For example, a process unit or production line manages formulas, parameters and downloads of set points to process equipment. It also enforces operating procedures pertaining to specific equipment.


The module records actual values for information related to the consumption and genealogy of materials, equipment usage, personnel, and information from other production events -- natively related to lot, batch or serial number.


The Equipment Operations Module is a natural extension of the Wonderware System Platform, re-using the powerful plant model so that the information is inherently related to the relevant physical equipment represented in the plant model. The result is valuable contextual information, which provides a production context on top of process data for complete \"as-built\" documentation, including traceability across multiple production processes and areas.


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